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Sunday, 9 October 2011

Source Widepac hydration bladders, easy to use and easy to clean!

gr8trails have used a variety of Source hydration bladders whilst guiding, believing Source to be the most affordable and easiest to use bladder reservoirs available.

Offered in a variety of sizes, 1.5l, 2l & 3l, Source Widepac hydration bladders can be used in packs available across the UK market, whether that be hillwalking packs, daysacks or lightweight action packs.

The Widepac version offers the enhanced benefit of an easy fill, wide top opening and slide closure. This opening makes it very easy to empty, fill, clean and dry, and yet has an airtight seal when the bladder top is sealed, by use of the simple slider. Remove the slider, drain the contents and leave to dry stood open, upside down, very simple too!
 The almost glass like appearance of the bladder is also a unique self cleaning design feature, preventing the build up of any biofilm. Furthermore, the liner technology has an anti microbial grunge guard treatment to block the growth of bacteria, with no plastic after taste found in some bladders.

The same anti microbial technology is used in the durable tube that connects the reservoir to the mouthpiece. This has a lock off valve at the base of the reservoir, very convenient when you may not wish to remove the tube from your pack, simply release, refill and reconnect….with no leakage! Much better than other systems available with similar technology, which may leak whilst in your pack.

As well as having the expected bite valve mechanism, the mouthpiece also features a twist ‘on and off’. Again, better than some alternatives, preventing the valve from being accidentally opened whilst in the back of a well packed car perhaps!

Source offer a broader range of hydration reservoirs and accessories to suit any budget, available at our preferred retail partner Ellis Brigham, Mountain Sports stores.

Enjoy your walk or ride! Don’t forget the rest of your essentials on our recommended kit list.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Gregory packs, Meindl footwear and Source hydration join up to support gr8trails.

Using innovative products such as Gore-Tex, Vibram and Memory Foam. Meindl have been producing quality handmade, durable, comfortable and award winning walking boots, hiking boots and shoes for over 300 years, from their factory in Bavaria, Germany. This shoemaking tradition is now in its 11th generation, managed by Lars and Lukas Meindl, who continue Meindl’s promise to produce high quality footwear. Every pair of boots are hand crafted, so we know you will feel the difference as soon as you try on a pair of Meindl boots.

Wayne Gregory designed his first backpack in 1977 to provide comfort and stability. This philosophy still holds true today. Gregory is committed to making the most comfortable outdoor backpacks available and know that a properly fitting pack will carry weight better, be more comfortable and improve performance whilst out on the trail. Designed to fit different back lengths and torso shapes, Gregory Backpacks are dedicated to offer superior comfort, fit and stability across their whole backpack range.

Source’s unique technology represents a quantum leap in hydration systems. Their care free antimicrobial hydration products provide a clean, healthy and easily accessible solution for clean water on the move.
Also, Source’s handcrafted adventure sandals achieve the perfect balance between comfort and performance. The innovative combination of patented technologies provide unmatched performance and durability.

In partnership with Gregory packs, Source hydration and Meindl footwear, gr8trails can offer guided mountain biking, walking and other activities in various parts of the UK.

gr8trails founders, Rick and Adrian are passionate about the outdoors, with over 10 years of successful group guiding in the UK. Wishing to bringadventure to everyone’, no matter what your age, experience or ability. Your gr8trails experience includes food and accommodation, transport during your short break, fully organized and guided activities, all tailor made to your own requirements.

Whatever your inspiration, your ability or experience, contact gr8trails to tailor make your perfect break.

On behalf of gr8trails, Gregory packs, Meindl footwear and Source hydration we all look forward to creating a gr8 outdoor experience you’ll never forget & one that you will wish to share in years to come.